July To Be Read List

I have 6 books on my To Be Read pile for July. This month I am a reading a variety of books, by exceptionally talented writers. I have already started reading 3 of these books and am very excited to continue.

Read in June:

• The Prospect of Flowers : Ruskin Bond (Anthology) 5/5 stars ☆☆☆☆☆

This is an anthology comprised of short stories from the most celebrated children’s author in India. Ruskin Bond takes a trip down memory lane and captures life in the mountains in a unique way and sketches emotions vividly to make an impact on the coldest of hearts.

To be Read

• The Rest of Us Just Live Here , Patrick Ness .

A young adult novel revolving around the idea  that not everyone is a hero, the Chosen One, how people outside the limelight have stories too. Contemporary mixed with the right amount of fantasy, shedding light on extremely important mental health issues and how parental care contributes massively in recovery from mental illnesses.

Trigger warning : OCD , eating disorders, anxiety (exhibited by numerous characters.)

• Nemesis :Agatha Christie (Crime Fiction)

This book has been sitting on my TBR for the longest time. I don’t know why I can’t bring myself to read my 1st crime fiction from the Queen of the genrè herself. This book is better left unspoilt as it is a mystery and I only  know that it is about a murder investigation left in the hands of Jane Marple.

• Selected Short Stories : Mark Twain (Anthology)

This book consists of a few chosen and well loved Mark Twain stories that are extremely well phrased and teach as they entertain.

• The Vendor of Sweets : R.K. Narayan (fiction)

This book is about a sweet vendor who loves his son too obsessively and becomes overpowering, about generation gaps and upholding morals and about how times change and people don’t.

• You are a Badass : Jen Sincero (Self-help )

The unusual take on a self help book boosts confidence and teaches you ways to decide on your dreams and achieve them.

• The Leader who had no Title: Robin Sharma (Self-help )

I’d started this book in the early months of 2017 but put it down in favour of something else. But I hope to pick it up soon and learn how to find greatness in all acts of labour.

– Saadia


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