Eleanor & Park || Book Review

All pictures that were uploaded in the previous post alongwith this one have been captured by me.

Genre: Young-adult fiction

Author: Rainbow Rowell

Synopsis: Eleanor & Park tells the tale of a 16 year old Asian boy, black hair, green eyes, all black clothing, a well knit family, loud music and comics- that kinda vibe and a 16 year old girl,red hair, brown eyes, ragged and motley clothing, overweight, broken family and underprivileged- basically, the opposite of the girl next door vibe.

A series of events and time shrink the world and bring Eleanor and Park together. Starting with week long silences, they end up with a love that knows only external boundaries and nothing else.

They are yet again drawn apart and the book ends with a silent hope of reconciliation and a bucket full of dreams for them both.

Rec: For the romance lovers, nostalgic people or someone who just wants to read something refreshing. ( in my opinion)

My Thoughts:  When I first read the book, I wanted to throw it across the room or smack it sharply across the front. But when i read it again, it began to grow on me and I started to really enjoy the little things that made it what it was. Since then, I’ve read it quite a few times and have loved all its subtle beauty that is wondrous to behold.



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