October-November Wrap-Up



I’ve been gone for a while now. 2 months almost. Exams, internet bans and shutdowns can do that to a person. On the brighter side, I am here with an Oct-Nov wrap up. These months have been beyond great for reading and I got done with more books than I’d thought I would. Kudos!

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Lets begin. (insert Voldemort voice)



  1. Romeo and Juliet,Shakespeare, the graphic novel: This illustrated edition of the play really brought out the magnificent vintage feel of the play. It was kind of short but really aesthetically pleasing.
  2. A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens: A miser and business man, Scrooge who calls Christmas ‘humbug’ is taught the essence of festivity and giving by the 3 spirits of Christmas. The harbinger of the spirits is Scrooge’s long dead business-partner Marley or rather Marley’s Ghost. A very enjoyable tale, one to remember after years.
  3. Malgudi Schooldays, R.K. Narayan: this book follows young Swaminathan as he ventures through school-life and tends to adopt methods that allow him to skip school. Though highly comical, there is a touch of emotion at the very end. this book can be considered the Indian version of ‘ Diary of a Wimpy Kid’
  4. Hemu, Amar Chitra Katha, comic: This comic tells the tale of a shrewd statesman who uses his cunning means to slowly rise to the place of a King. The son of a grocerer, Hemu designs himself a life he finds pleasure in, not a life of hardship but slowly finds himself to be doomed by his own ways.



Divergent: A dystopian novel following young Tris Prior as she makes the choice that decides the path of her life in a society divided into factions.

Four: the prequel to Divergent, this book follows Tobias Eaton in his struggle to carve out a path in life that never brings him face to face with the horrors of his past.

The Hunger Games: a dystopian novel featuring young adolescents chosen to fight to death for the entertainment of the people living their lavish lives in the capitol.

Catching Fire: The sequel to The Hunger Games, showing the beginnings of a rebellion.

Mockingjay: The last installment in the Hunger Games series shows the breakthrough and aftermath of the rebellion that brings justice to some and destroys others forever.



  1. Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert: The much celebrated author of ‘Eat Pray Love’ brings forth another HUGE masterpiece in the form of a book about writing books. Amazing lyrical prose and memorable anecdotes crown this book.
  2. A Little Princess, Frances Hodgson Burnett:

    This book follows young Sara Crewe, a wise minded girl, as she ventures far from her home to join a seminary in Europe. Being brought up by a single father who showers his wealth on his only daughter, Sara soon rises to the likes of a celebrity in the seminary. But things do not stay the same as she learns that she might never go home again. 👑
    This book shows Sara’s heroic bravery in the face of adversity.
    Set in Victorian Britain.
  1. City of Bones
  2. City of Ashes
  3. City of Glass
  4. City of Fallen Angles

The first four books in the Mortal Instruments Series, a young adult Fantasy merging the human , mundane world with the Demonic and Magical one.




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