September Reads-Wrap Up

To rev up everything I was doing with this blog , I am going to start a series of posts featuring all the books I read in a month and the books I plan to read further. I am taking this blog in a different direction for the time being but the original posts will pop up here and there too.Finally, I hope to be of some help to all the readers, the dreamers and the dragons out there 🙂


  1. 13497-2A Feast For Crows , George R.R. Martin (GENRE: Fantasy, historical fiction)

This is the 4th book in the ‘Song of Ice and fire’ series and follows the story of a kingdom called Westeros inspired by Imperial Rome and the War of the Roses. Martin creates an atmosphere of post war recovery and the atrocities suffered by all those who neither support the war nor truly understand it. The war of 5 kings as it is called had led to massive bloodshed across water and land amidst half a dozen kings fighting for a mistaken birthright. Outlaws, survivors and rebels come together to forge their destiny amidst a  burning kingdom while a boy-king sits the Iron Throne. Treason committed by the Queen as well as the Queen Reagent unfold , leaving nothing to imagination. A conspiracy by the princess of Dorne , successfully helps her to smuggle off the Queen to be but only ends up with giving her mortal scars. This book houses a host of plotters and attackers for only few are alive to attend a feast for crows.  Martin makes an ingenious remark by saying ,”What is the value of a crown if crows can feast on Kings?”


2. Lost in London, Cindy Callaghan ( GENRE: preteen fiction, contemporary)

Lost in London is a fun and entertaining pre-teen read which i came across because of one of my younger cousins. It follows Jordan , a girl who is bored with her life and wants to go on a massive adventure. Her wishes are granted when her school decides to conduct a student exchange programme. She flies to London , where she stays with her mother’s best friend and realizes that preteens do not act their age and have an air of drama and sass around them.Her host’s daughter is not so excited to have her around leaving her desperately trying to fit in, taking many measures, only to realize that she made some big blunders including

  • Getting locked up in a store overnight
  • Having the police searching for her
  • Being blackmailed by a sweet-shop owner

Jordan hadn’t realized that this was more than how de-bordified she wanted to be…

fancy bookshelf, google

3. Whatever After : Fairest of All,  Sarah Mlynowski (GENRE: children’s literature, fiction)

This book is a fun retelling of Snow White and the seven Dwarfs . It follows Abbey and her brother Jonah, 2 siblings who’ve just moved to Smithsville . Abbey finds change to be hard in subtle things such as Pb&B sandwiches and the variants of the game ‘tag’ .Jonah discover a magical mirror in their basement . Jonah taps on it thrice and both of them find themselves pulled into a forest. After wandering around, they find themselves in the midst of Snow White being poisoned by her step-mother. They are quick to save her only to realize that she won’t get her happy ending or her prince  if she isn’t poisoned. They find ways to repair the damage in a thrilling adventure for kiddos while hoping to find a way to go back home. Snow white’s story is settled but differently and Abbey learns that Change can be beautiful too. 

~ Saadia

Goodreads read list in menu.

Love you all.

happy reading.



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