My Workout Routine


It is January and your local gym might as well be flooding with people with’New  Year’s Resolutions’ No judging but… The struggle :/ … Sooo, I have been working out for the past one and a half year. I do not work out for hours, nor do I kill myself with cardio. this is a routine which has worked for me and hopefully it will help you too 🙂

  1. H.I.I.T: I personally love doing H.I.I.T( High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. These workouts are one of the most effective workout programmes ever devised as these combine a series of strengthening, conditioning and body-weight training moves to get your blood flowing and your heart racing.

My morning workout is a short H.I.I.T workout usually from The 7 Minute workout app or a Blogilates HIIT workout. It clears my mind and gets the day going.

2. Power Walk: Brisk walks or power walks will get you low intensity and enjoyable workouts plus getting your mind and body fit.

I usually go for a power walk in the afternoons just before the sunset to enjoy the breeze and it refreshes me to a LARGE extent. I use the Nike+ Running app to track my runs and walks.

Good luck!




2 thoughts on “My Workout Routine

  1. I love it! I power walk multiple times a day. Mostly between classes, it gets the blood flowing and gives me a chance to clear my mind before I start teaching my next class. Once a get a consistent routine down with getting my activity level up, I would like to eventually add in some “workouts” right now.. I’m just trying to get those steps in. Nice Blog!

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